Make tights the new norm (even in summer)

Make tights the new norm (even in summer)

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Stockings. (Insert eye roll here) 

Everyone hates them. Whether it’s the itchiness, heat rash, or the ripping noise that makes you cringe just as you’re putting them on, stockings in the summer has got to become optional.

For unknown reasons and from unknown origins, it has become commonly accepted for women after seminary and older to only wear stockings in the summer, regardless of comfort.

Now, of course we have free choice. We can wear whatever we want. However, it will definitely stop the daily questions of “Is it a black tights kinda day yet?” “Will I be judged for wearing black tights in the summer?” “There’s a 10% chance of rain today. Can I get away with not wearing stockings?” 

We as a community of chabad women, whether straight out of seminary or approaching great grandmotherhood must come together and create a mutual acceptance amongst ourselves. It is OK to wear black tights in the summer. It is OK not to wear stockings during the summer months. You can still get married if you mistakenly walk on to  Kingston during the summer wearing black tights. 

With your signature, chabad women all over will gain confidence and never again have to question their decision to wear black tights!

7 have signed. Let’s get to 10!