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Save the Girls!!

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HELP! My name is Paula Chambers and we have had six hens for two years and they are our pets. Gabby, Jennifer, Lucy, Bertha, Big Red and Shutter Fly (yes, the children named them). They are a part of our family and considered pets. My grandchildren have even trained them to do tricks. We do not have a  noisy rooster. A neighbor called the county after I asked her to keep her dog off my property and away from our girls. Our girls have a nice coop that keeps them in but cannot keep this dog out. Luckily, he has only so far been able to get feathers and not kill my girls yet. 

I was under the impression that it was okay to have Backyard Chickens in Cumming and in fact in the City limits it is allowed. But not the County supposedly!   We have been told to get rid of our girls by the 20th of this month or face fines! Not happening!  We were given paperwork stating we violated section 11.16 of the UDC but there isn't a 11.16 in the UDC!!! So now I need to get an amendment to the County ordinance much like the one Milton has in place. 

Poultry houses are restricted by the UDC of Forsyth in chapter 11 but there is not a definition of a poultry house.  Section 3-1.4 of the county Ordinance states , "Terms not defined in this code shall have their customary dictionary definitions."  

There is no legal definition of poultry house.  The definition I found states, " A building for housing poultry most poultry houses are single story and house 120,000 to 150,000 hens. Poultry houses have water-supply lines, a system for disposal of droppings, and central heating and ventilating systems. Their equipment in industrial and manufactured to ensure optimal mechanization of production process."

Our coop is connected to a building and has none of those other classifications.  I do live in a subdivision and have .87 of an acre which is more than enough space for 6 hens.

Anyone else have chickens that would like to help on this issue, please share! Thank you in advance


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