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Build a Dog Park in Coral Gables

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Director of Parks and Recreation, Fred Couceyero

Mayor, City of Coral Gables Raul Valdes-Fauli

Vice Mayor, City of Coral Gables Patricia Keon

Commissioner, City of Coral Gables Frank C. Quesada

Commissioner, City of Coral Gables Vince Lago

Commissioner, City of Coral Gables Michael Mena


Let’s Build a Dog Park, Coral Gables!

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Written by: Elizabeth Monterrey

On behalf of: City of Coral Gables residents

 As residents of Coral Gables we are petitioning to build a dog park in the City Beautiful. Over the past month we’ve acquired over 1,000 signatures and about 40% have come from Coral Gables residents. Out of pocket, I’ve spent hundreds of dollars in time and money to lobby and advertise the cause. Currently, we have a lack of off-leash spaces nearby. While we are aware that there is technically a dog park in Chapman field, for most of us who live in the heart of Coral Gables that is a 30-minute drive, up to 45 minutes with traffic -  much further than the Coconut Grove locations.

 The goal is to establish a fenced in, off-leash dog park where well-behaved canine citizens can exercise in a clean, safe environment without endangering or annoying people, property or wildlife. As the city continues to grow it is becoming more and more unsafe to walk our dogs in the street, especially at night. In addition, having a dog park is a great way to bring the community together in a positive way.

 So, how does the Coral Gables community feel? Here are some of the reasons why residents signed the petition:

 “It's a very positive and important service for the citizens and their beloved dogs and property taxes in Coral Gables are high. Use some money on this project.” – Griselda

 “I am a Coral Gables resident who has to drive multiple days a week to Coconut Grove to take my dog to the dog park there and it would be great to be able to walk to or drive within our neighborhood to a local dog park with my neighbors.” - Gianabel

 “I have a dog and she would love to have a nice green space to run around in. Coral Gables needs to have a place for dogs and their owners to go! – Heidi

 “A dog park (or 2 or 3 ;)) in Coral Gables is loooong overdue! So many great grassy lots are currently not being used so we definitely have the space for it. Our fur babies need an option for leash less exercise close to home!” – Jen

 “I support a dog friendly community and want my neighborhood to be more pet conscience. Looking forward to have a place to go with my pup!” – Sophia

 “I am a dog owner who lives in an apartment in coral gables. I would love to be able to bring my dog to a nearby dog park so he can play and get adequate exercise.” – Caitlin

 “Particularly needed in the downtown area where there are more high density residential buildings erected, and no secure, fenced in green areas to let dogs run and play.” – Debbie

 “I live in Coral Gables and would love to have a dog park for the residences. It is a wonderful way to meet neighbors and would allow our pets to run off leash and play in a safe environment.” - Stefanie

 Benefit of dog parks in communities:

Dog parks can act as a gathering spot for pet parents. They bring their pets to the park to get exercise and socialize with other pets. Dog owners do the same thing. While the dogs are playing, community members are more likely to form relationships, participate in conversation and exchange community information such as events, doctors, and veterinarians.

 As leash laws continue to become increasingly restrictive, many community public leadership committees are seeing dog parks as a way to let dogs run free without penalty to pet owners or damage to private property. Dog parks also promote safety because the pet owners are not walking on busy streets.

 Public dog parks allow dogs to get ample off-leash exercise and social activity with other dogs. When dogs get the adequate physical and mental exercise they need, humans are able to notice a decrease in the level of troublesome behavior from their dogs which will benefit society as well.

 Below are recommendations for potential Dog Park Locations based on parks and open spaces that are already located in the area:

 Also attached is the petition signatures and comments.

 Next Steps:

An opportunity to meet and discuss how best to move forward and how we can work together to make this project happen.

 Elizabeth Monterrey

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