Reinstate the varsity football program for the 2012-2013 year

As a former Cerritos High School football player, who played for Coach Kurt Bruich, I disagree with dropping the varsity football program. Coach Bruich realized that Cerritos students had an obstacle to combat, size. For this reason we worked 10 X harder than other teams. Working 10 x harder meant Lifting all summer, 6:00 a.m., with only 2 allowed absences, no excuses. This also meant full weight training, on a whistle system, during season unlike our competition (Artesia, Norwalk, John Glenn, Mayfair, La Mirada, and Gahr). Players lifted fully then practiced. This was because it was a known fact that players were undersized and if we were to compete, succeed, we had to work harder. Our coach realized that we needed to be stronger and he made us competitors.
Losing the program will be depriving present and possible f
uture students the pride and success that so many past students have experienced. If players were to lose nine games and only win one, how great do think that one win would feel? Under Coach Kurt Bruich we had winning seasons. Player size and capabilities haven't changed that much.

Matt Clinton, Cerritos, CA, United States
8 years ago
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