Quebec Appeal, Supreme, Ontario Superior, Court Judgements, an Order

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What is it all about?  The problem is how do I begin to put in a few lines the last 19 on-going hellish years of our lives.  We have done nothing wrong; and yet, we have been persecuted for over 19 years because we dared to stand up for our rights.    

You see from the poorest to the most powerful, we all have the same rights in Canada.  However, should the masses, those of the Little-People Class, dare to uphold theirs, they will lose all.  That thin layer of the ‘elite’ has it all figured out.  Their mission is to control the masses at any cost to fuel their wasteful gluttonous way of living over the backs of the Little People, the real taxpayers.  The Little People is a voluminous volume: volume being one of the cardinal rules for any successful business.  The Government is very successful; it has volume, the Little People.          

My husband had a guaranteed job till age 65.  He was a compositor for the Gazette, Montreal’s daily English newspaper.  When the labour-conflict started on May 17, 1993, there were 72 compositors in the Composing Room, all with a job guarantee.  Oh, don’t think for a moment that they have not had to make concessions to acquire job-guarantee.  

It is important to us and our loved ones because we have not committed any wrong. We have been exemplary, honourable, and law-abiding citizens. Because we dared to uphold our Agreements and the above winning Judgements, the legal community in Quebec has waged a legal warfare against us aiming to bankrupt us. We have been suffering immeasurably for the last 19 years. And, no lawyer in Quebec so far is willing to help us and uphold the Final Judgement rendered on January 5, 2011 by Judge Sarah Pepall of Toronto's Commercial Division. We have found out through 19 tortuous years that the Civil Justice System is used against the Little People to launder Big Power's wrongdoing. It is in the Civil Justice System that Little People's inherent Human rights, Freedoms and Liberties, and and all their possessions are trafficked. And, what does Justice have to do with anything? And, what does Democracy have to do with anything? It has been published that Quebec is the most corrupt province in Canada. It is. We are suffering the consequences.


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