Woolworths and Coles. Support drought affected Australian farmers.

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Many farmers in Australia are desperately searching for feed to keep precious livestock alive as the drought deepens. Paddocks are bare in New South Wales, parts of Queensland and South Australia. Livestock producers and dairy farmers all need supplies but the impact of the short supply and demand are forcing prices up.

Farmers are calling it the worst drought in living memory. Many are facing ruin and say it is time for their city cousins to acknowledge the disaster. People in the city need to look at what's going on and understand that if you've got constant drought, the price of food will go up and you'll lose your country towns.

A callout to Woolworths and Coles supermarkets to donate the profits from the sales of their new 'Plastic Shopping Bags' to drought affected Australian farmers. Without them you've got not produce on your shelves, no meat in your fresh meat section and no milk in your refrigerators. Time to stand up and help these people who put bread and butter on your families tables Brad Banducci (CEO Woolworths Group (Australia)) & John Durken (CEO Coles Supermarkets Australia Pty Ltd)