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Keep latex out of my son and all latex allergic patients rooms

Our son John who has a tracheotomy was hospitalized at University of Michigan Hospital on December 21st, 2011. We had signs placed and notated on his medical chart he is latex allergic and no red robinson (latex) catheters to be used for suctioning him. We returned later that day and discovered several red robinson catheters in his cart. Patient care and risk management were both called along with the charge nurse as this was now the 7th time this had happened to John this year. They promised again to address this problem.

On December 31st, 2011, we were preparing for John's discharge when we once again discovered a bundle of red robinson catheters in his cart. Calls were again made to risk management with them stating they would put more signs around his room to remind others of his life threatening problem, but medication was available on the floor should the latex cause him to stop breathing and he would suffer no harm.

We have chosen to keep our son from being admitted to the hospital since that time as I strongly feel that a hospital should not place my son nor anyone else in a situation that would do greater harm than they were admitted for. Please sign our petition and convince University of Michigan hospital to revisit this serious problem.

This petition was delivered to:
  • CEO University of Michigan Hospital
    Douglas Strong
  • President University of Michigan
    Mary Sue Coleman
  • Executive Vice President for Medical Affairs
    Ora Pescovitz
  • U of M Board of Regents
    Julia Donovan Darlow
  • U of M Board of Regents
    Laurence B. Deitch
  • U of M Board of Regents
    Olivia P. Maynard
  • Board of Regents U of M
    Andrew C. Richner
  • Board of Regents U of M
    Katherine E. White
  • Board of Regents U of M
    S. Martin Taylor
  • Board of Regents U of M
    Andrea Fischer Newman
  • Board of Regents U of M
    Denise Ilitch
  • Office of Vice President and Secretary of the University
    Sally J. Churchill
  • Executive Director of University Hospitals and Chief Operating Officer, HHC
    T. A. Denton
  • Risk Management
    University of Michigan Hospital

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