Issue Aadhar Card in Braille for Visually Impaired People

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Imagine, a visually impaired person, receiving an Aadhar Card which they can't even read on their own and have to rely on another person to read it out loud to them. 

Imagine, the same person, handing over Aadhar card for verification, suppose at a hotel for identity verification, and the hotel returns the card after noting details, how to verify that the correct Aadhar card has been returned? 

These are just two of the multiple scenarios that can exist. 

The population of visual impaired people in India is estimated at 62 million; of these, 54 million persons have low vision, and 8 million are blind (As per WHO data). India is home to a third of the world’s blind population. As we move towards infusing more technology in our development, its important to make our facilities more inclusive. 

I was recently using an app called "Be my eyes" in which a visually impaired person can enroll and sighted people can sign up to volunteer to help them. They can make a call through the app and I can receive the same and help them out. Thrice it happened, that I received a call from someone, holding their newly received Aadhar card, asking me to speak out the number to them. It made me realise the everyday difficulties that they may be facing.

What we want?

- Give an option to the visually impaired applicants to ask for Aadhar card in Braille in application form.

- Issue Aadhar Card in Braille for Visually Impaired People.

Sign my petition to ensure that Aadhar card is accessible. Let us all support this cause and move one step closer to being an inclusive country.