Change the official Aadhaar Logo to a leaking tap

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This is obviously a totally serious petition. 

But you know what's really serious? The threat of the Aadhaar. 

Aadhaar is excluding millions of Indians from accessing their rightful welfare. A poor girl died of starvation, just because her parent's were unable to get their ration because of the Aadhaar. Labourers with calloused fingers are unable to authenticate using their fingerprints. Old women have to travel kms to get authenticated, only for the subsidy store to tell them they have to come back tomorrow because the machine won't recognise their fingerprints. Our dear Mr. Ajay Bhushan Pandey himself had an authentication failure rate of 19%. Is this what India needs? A system that's flawed?
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The threat to the Indian citizen's privacy is not big news - everyday there is a new data leak where Aadhaar data is up for grabs. For Rs. 500, you can get access to the Aadhaar demographic database of over a billion people. If you're happy shelling out Rs. 2000, you can edit this data too. Companies are celebrating the Aadhaar because it benefits them in profiling their customers and advertising to them with more precision. The government is forcing linking with the Aadhaar and they can track our every transaction. Is this what India needs? A system that's flawed?
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There's much more to be said about the problems of Aadhaar. For more information and resources, visit:
3. Just google "Aadhaar" with your choice of a dystopian situation, and you'll find enough information!