Stop the plastic product promotions at Coles Supermarkets and ban plastic bags properly!

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Coles banned single use plastic bags last year.  Shortly after which  they revoked the ban and re-introduced a thicker, heavier plastic bag for 15cents! 

They  then did two massive promotional campaigns across the whole of Australia and gave away millions of plastic products which also contain a lot more plastic than the single use plastic bags.  Goodness knows how much plastic Coles have been responsible for distributing since the ban on those single use plastic bags last year.

The first promotion after the ban on single use bags was the roll out of the Stikeez product.  A particularly useless product, a gimmicky plastic toy for children in the design of fruit and vegetables, which came in little plastic packaging!

The second promotion is more useful to consumers but is also made entirely from plastic and is not an environmentally friendly product  - a plastic food container  given to customers as a reward when a certain amount of money is spent in store.

In a time when the world is crying out about the amount of plastic filling up our oceans and how environmentally unfriendly it is, why on earth does Coles think it is a good idea to create more plastic products?

Steven Cain, new CEO of Coles, please, lead with an environmentally friendly heart and head.....ban the plastic totally and help the food producers to do the same and help them reduce the amount of plastic used in packaging too.