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Petitioning VP Patient Services - Wise Regional Leon Fuqua and 2 others

CEO Stephen Summers - Wise Regional Health System: Allow Family Doctors who offer OB Services to continue to deliver babies

When my husband and I recently found out that we are expecting our second child, we immediately knew which doctor we wanted to deliver our baby. Dr Shawn White M.D. based in Bridgeport, TX delivered our first baby girl in 2010 at the North Texas Community Hospital. He has been a family doctor for over 15 years and has delivered over 1100 babies during that period.  Many women like myself choose him to deliver our babies because he is also our family doctor – he knows our medical history, he knows our background and understands our needs. He is an excellent doctor and has a very low complication rate when it comes to OB Services.

Unfortunately North Texas Community Hospital  is now in the process of being bought out by Wise Regional Health System and Wise Regional Medical Executive Committee has made the poor decision that family doctors like Dr White M.D. will no longer be allowed to deliver babies at that hospital. This also affects other doctors Jeff Alling, M.D., Brad Faglie, M.D., Lara Pierce, M.D.  All these doctors have offered OB services at their practices for many years. Sadly, this comes down to greed. Wise Regional would rather charge higher prices for OB/GYN services than allow us to use the family doctors we choose. They are putting financial gain above the needs of their patients.

This means that Wise Regional Health System has put myself and hundreds of other expectant mothers in a very difficult position right now left with the choice of changing doctors or having our babies elsewhere.  I, for one, will not have my baby at Wise Regional hospital if they will not allow me to choose the doctor I wish.

This petition is to the Wise Regional Health System to tell them that we are not supporting their decision. We should be allowed to choose which doctors we want.  This is a very poor decision for the community of Wise County and expectant families.


Letter to
VP Patient Services - Wise Regional Leon Fuqua
President - Board of Directors, Wise Regional Andrew Sandford
Wise County Regional Health Stephen Summers
Allow Family Doctors who offer OB Services to continue to deliver babies. This is a poorly made decision where you are forcing expectant mothers to either choose a different doctor or have their baby delivered elsewhere. During pregnancy an expectant mother has enough to think and worry about - Being told to change doctors and not having the choice of which doctor to use should not be one of those worries or stresses. Your decision to not allow family doctors to continue OB Services is poorly made and based on financial gain and not on the needs of your patients. I trust you will reconsider your policy.