STOP the NOXIOUS INDUSTRY at Narrikup from going ahead

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THE PIGGERY PROPOSAL HAS BEEN WITHDRAWN - THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT However, a new proposal for the piggery may be done since this one was withdrawn before the submission deadline and before council had to vote etc, so it didn't make it to the approval stage.  So, a new piggery proposal could be happening.

The Shire of Plantagenet have plans to allow a noxious industry to start operations on Spencer Road just 2.2kms from the beautiful township of Narrikup. The industry is a Rotational Outdoor Piggery allowing 8500 pigs at any one time (28000 pigs per year). This is obviously very different to normal farming operations.  UPDATE:  The proposal distance is incorrect, the piggery will in fact be less than 2kms from the townsite of Narrikup.

My personal concerns of having a noxious industry as a resident is firstly the odour that will be produced from 8500 pigs. I have lived near a smaller piggery in the past and the smell is extreme. Imagine on hot summer nights wanting to be outside enjoying the cooler "fresh" air but instead you smell the stench from 8500 pigs!!  You can't have your windows open to circulate fresh air because of the smell. No more washing on the line as it will either be contaminated with odour, dust, pathogens and fly poop!!  YUCK!!  Enjoy playing cricket at the cricket oval with the giant cricket bat??? Maybe not so much any more with that smell all day long and those damn pesky flies too???

Oh have I mentioned flies, there will also be a much larger than normal fly problem, think of bbq's with lots of flies present, I'd rather not.  Dirty filthy stinking flies touching everything in their path including up your nose, in your mouth and in your ears.  There will also be an increase in vermin, mice & rats!!! And if they are killed, how? What about our birds of prey?  What about effluent & decomposing dead pigs contaminating the creeks nearby?  The piggery site is located within the Wilson Inlet Catchment area!!  What about our beautiful scenery and views?

Another impact that cannot be ignored is property values in the area will drop.  It can be seen from looking at house prices near the abattoir on Settlement Road that property prices are directly impacted from allowing a noxious industry in the community.

There are people already who are living right now next door to one of these piggeries and have noticed problems straight away (piggeries at other locations within the region) despite information that clearly disputes this fact from the ones that want more of these throughout our pristine environment!!  These people are complaining about the smell, the flies, the visual impact, the noise - yes squealing pigs are in fact LOUD.

PLEASE, we need to STOP this from happening NOW!!!

Our country store has only just re-opened and now this!!!  Everyone who lives in the township of Narrikup or nearby has chosen to live here because of the beautiful place Narrikup is. The lovely clean fresh air. The beautiful bush, the lovely open farmland with grazing cows. The amazing views, the Porongurup Ranges can be seen clearly from a number of locations.  So many of us love our clean country fresh air. We love our walks either with or without our dogs.  I love gardening and spend a lot of time outdoors.  I won't be so keen with that smell or dust or flies etc!!

We only have until Tuesday 7th April to STOP this from happening to our beautiful town and outlaying areas.  Please sign and thank you.

UPDATE WE NOW HAVE UNTIL 30th April the Shire of Plantagenet have extended the date for submissions.


The above links will help you to do your submission to the CEO Shire of Plantagenet.
Please do not rely on any petitions, whether hard copy or online, to voice your concerns to the Shire. They MUST be done through a submission.

Another point to remember is, the piggery is for 8500 pigs!!! This is not a small Rotational Outdoor Piggery it is huge!!  It's impact on the environment, groundwater, Wilson Inlet Catchment area cannot be ignored nor underestimated.

The Shire of Plantagenet's website updated over the weekend which has links to the proposal, health local laws etc.