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Remove Ads That Objectify Women and Sexualize Lip Balm!

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ChapStick is a brand used by families, but their most current ad campaign "Where Do Lost ChapSticks Go?" prominently features the objectified buttocks and legs of a woman bending over a couch in what we are to assume is the search for her lost ChapStick. The suggestions this ad gives off desensitize and normalize the sexual objectification of women. This is never appropriate, and certainly not by a brand used by families. Viewers of this ad are forced to consume the woman, but only parts of her, as we never see her face or as a whole person.

ChapStick has a responsibility to show customers it can come up with clever advertisting that leaves customers engaged and not disrespectful to females. Ads are messages that help shape our perception of ourselves and our place in the world. Young girls and women should not be exposed to advertising from a family brand that uses headless, sexualized, super thin, silenced, submissive, sterotyped images of women. ChapStick can make the change to be more respectful.

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