Put an end to SHEIN profiting off muslim prayer mats + South Asian garments

Put an end to SHEIN profiting off muslim prayer mats + South Asian garments

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Ammaarah Ali
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Recently, I found out that SHEIN, which is an online clothing store based in China, is profiting off Muslim prayer mats by selling them as ‘fringe trim carpets’ that people can use casually around their house.

For many reasons this is offensive and disrespectful to any Muslim. A few of these ‘fringe trim carpets’ have the Kaaba printed on them and other holy places. Let’s not forget that they completely changed the names of these carpets and stole credit from a whole faith. If you are unaware of what a prayer mat, it is a very important fabric that is placed between the ground and the worshipper to use when they are praying one of their five daily prayers. This prayer mat is treated with so much respect, so much so that the worshipper can’t wear shoes on it. As you can imagine, what SHEIN is doing is very disrespectful and hurtful.

Even if you are not muslim, I hope you can understand how this makes us feel and it’simportant to acknowledge that what they’re doing is wrong in so many ways. I am creating this petition, in hope of shedding a light to this situation, so that we can put an end to them profiting off this. With the signatures we can contact them and try to get it removed off their website. 

They are also profiting off South Asian clothing by renaming them as “tribal wear”. This is cultural appropriation, they are literally stealing cultural garments and no one is doing anything about this. We have had enough of SHEIN crossing the line. They need to publicly apologise for the continuous mistakes that they keep making.