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Throne War Cost Me Money...And More Improtantly...Hours Of My Life

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This letter and petition is sent to 'Boss Alien', who is listed as a contact for NaturalMotion games on the site

Dear Mr. or Mrs. Alien,

We are the thousands of gamers who spent hundreds or thousands of dollars on your game Dawn of Titans....and, infinitely more important....invested thousands of hours of our lives to play your game. 

As you know, the recent Thrown War event was far from a success.  Your staff's embarrassing attempt to placate the issue by offering us useless troops and even more useless Divine Gems is no consolation.  We want real compensation.

We respectfully request that you credit each active Thrown War participant with 1,000 gems for every land that they delivered to any respective throne within their league or event.

This is not a request for charity.  This is us expecting to be compensated for (past and future) real monetary and life investment.

Thank you, and we await your response. Please contact me at your earliest convenience.


Todd L. Bottom, Ph.D.


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