Girl Scout Cookie Bakers to cease using Palm Oil

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My name is Haley and I am a brownie in the Girl Scouts. I want to give credit to a fellow Girl Scout from Tennessee who brought this issue into light. We are joining in her effort to seek this change within the organization we are both a part of. It was brought to my attention that an ingredient used in making our Girl Scout cookies are being harvested by kids my age. Some Palm Oil farms are using Child Labor to harvest their crops to meet demands of companies. And it saddens me to know that kids are missing out on school, fun activities, or just being a kid because they are forced to work. 
We want this to change! I am asking for our organization to look for different ingredients rather than Palm Oil or to guarantee that the source where the product comes from does not violate child labor laws. And to refuse working with companies that are tolerant to these practices. 
Until these changes are made I will not sell Girl Scout Cookies going forward!