Stop the manufacturing of paper boxes for toothpaste and soap.

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Why do we need to ban the outer box covering of toothpastes and soaps?

Firstly, we throw away the box within seconds of opening it. It has no utility value. Research says that boxes serve the aesthetic purpose. This is absolutely unacceptable as everything on the box has been included on the inside tube as well. Why waste extra space to rewrite the same catchphrases and ingredients?

Each of these boxes is made using paper, which in turn is made by cutting trees.
This is the obvious problem here as trees are the basic necessity for every living entity's wellbeing. They provide fresh air to breathe by oxygenating the air, by trapping carbon in the form of CO2 and converting that into living plant material. Trees also help in trapping water, keeping soil healthy and controlling soil erosion. Trees are a cooling element and most importantly, they control global warming. They also provide food to living beings. These are a few utilities of trees out of the infinite uses they have. 

If we keep cutting trees for trivial uses like these, we will soon hardly have any left to sustain life. Our planet will die the day its trees die. All of us are working hard every day for a bright future, to live happily, but if we continue to live like we are, being wasteful, we are working for a future we won’t have.
It is absolutely absurd to cut down these trees to make useless boxes which we throw away within few seconds of opening them.

Lets talk about some statistics, assuming the population of India as 133 Crores, at an average family size of 4.7, there are 28 crore families in India. If each family uses one toothpaste and soap per month, 56 Crores of soap and toothpaste boxes are thrown away every month and thus, 672 crores of boxes are thrown away every year in India alone.
This means that millions of trees are sacrificed to manufacture these boxes every year, which have zero utility value and zero longevity in the hands of consumers.

Most of the major manufacturers of soap and paste have been included in this petition so that we can appeal to them to stop making these boxes.  

Change cannot be brought about at once. It is at the hands of the people to change what is wrong. It starts with one and spreads like wildfire. I kindly request you to sign the petition and share it with family and friends. Hopefully, together, we can eradicate the manufacturing of these boxes and save the future of our planet and in turn, ours.
Thank you.

~Tanvi. Kadakol