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Kim Young Min to resign from his position as CEO of SM Entertainment

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Kim Young-min was appointed the CEO of SM Entertainment 2010, and since then he has been doing little good to his company and its artists. Although the world of K-Pop (Korean pop music) is not as friendly as it may seem on its outside, it is still well known how awful SM is behind closed doors. Kim Young Min does not help SMent at all. Under SMent, artists are more like products on a shop shelf rather than actual living, breathing people, with exceedingly little say in how their lives are ran. But not only do they suffer from a severe lack of freedom (a basic human right), they are also mistreated by the very company that is supposed to be taking care of them, evident in many occasions where artists are shown to have fainted due to fatigue, such as in December 2010 where f(x) member Krystal Jung collapsed on stage and was taken to hospital¹; and very recently with EXO-K's Kim Jongin, otherwise known as Kai, during a performance on 17th May 2014.

Yet, whilst it can be argued that this unfortunate incident occurs outside of SMent in other companies, it doesn't stop there. These problems surfaced to the public eye with former Do Ban Shin Ki and current JYJ members: Kim Jae-joong, Park Yoo-chun and Kim Jun-su. In 2010, they released a lawsuit against SMent because their '13-year contracts were excessively long and had been extended without their knowledge, their schedules were overtaxing, and payment distribution was unfair', which resulted in their split from the group.

Another situation where SMent’s problems rose to light was Han Geng’s court case, an ex-member of Super Junior, who also had a 13 year contract claimed that SMent was ‘unlawful, overly restrictive, and unfair’, coincidentally very similar reasons to DBSK’s, which ended in his departure from Super Junior in 2011.  

However, they were made well and truly known on 15th May 2014 with Wu Yi Fan, more commonly known as Kris of EXO-M, who, similarly to Han Geng, filed a lawsuit against SMent³. The situation was made viral, with tags such as ‘SM is the worst company in Korea’ trending worldwide on Instagram and Twitter. And more seriously, the days the news came to light, SMent’s stock price dropped by 6%, which clearly displays how people feel towards the ordeal. There are even rumours, albeit unconfirmed, that EXO fans have been self-harming and even committing suicide in response to the ordeal.

With these cases considered and the rapidly growing attention towards Kim Young-min, coupled with SMent’s already poor treatment of artists, would it not make sense for Kim Young-min to RESIGN? Many people can agree that Kim Young-min is ruining the company that its founder Lee Soo Man created and he is only hurting his artists.

Please sign our petition to help ensure that our artists are kept safe and nothing like this will happen again.

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