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Release information related to Rangers Football Club (2012).

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Who's involved?

Scottish football supporters across the country deserve better than the information screening they've received so far with regards to the behaviour of Rangers Football Club, and its enablers in the Scottish Football Association. As a Hibernian supporter, the issue is perhaps more keenly felt as my club is in the rare position of having Support Representatives appointed as non-executive board members.

Earlier this year, the club's board stated that it did not intend to pursue further investigations into the financial dealings of the aforementioned football club, since liquidated, and this decision was reputedly "unanimous"; this is extraordinary, given that the supporters were not consulted in any meaningful way and the overwhelming response seems to be that the investigation should continue as far as supporters are concerned.

What should we know?

These are some of the main issues:

1) One of the Support Representatives recently stated on the Hibees Bounce that discussions unearthed "information that was not widely known" - what was that information?

2) The current Rangers Football Club is a new club, as proven by the Lord Nimmo Smith report and discussed by Stuart Campbell here. Why is the current club allowed to claim otherwise?

3) What legal requirements need to be met in order to remove titles that were now proven to have been won via fraudulent means? If there are none, why is the club not pursuing this well-known course of action from other sports?

4) Given that Rangers Football Club (2012) was liquidated largely for a tax avoidance scheme, how could the SFA/SPFL find Mr. Dave King, a man convicted for tax avoidance in South Africa, a "fit and proper person" to take over the new football club?

5) Rangers Football Club have, over the last five years, reportedly ran at an average loss of £7.9m per annum with a total debt now standing at £39.6m. The club was widely reported on the 3rd/4th November to now be relying on interest free loans. Does Hibernian Football Club consider this appropriate for a new and reputedly reformed club?

These are just some of the key questions relating to the issue.

How should we find out?

This petition will be sent to the CEO of Hibernian Football Club, but its questions are obviously of interest to all Scottish football supporters; particularly those of clubs that have publicly stated they intend to drop all future proceedings.

This is not good enough.

The five questions above, plus many others, need to see their answers fully divulged to their supporters groups, and preferably as press releases to the main broadcast and print media vehicles in Scotland. No more back-corridor briefings, or under-the-table handshakes.

Why should we care?

Scottish football supporters are fanatical.

This is an empirical fact.

Despite the game being talked down, the lack of success in European club competition and with the national side, the dearth of investment or necessary reform, the plague of sectarianism investigated by UEFA, and including the dire lack of TV or sponsorship revenue, Scottish football is amongst the best attended in Europe per capita. We love our game.

The conduct, and liquidation, of one of its footballing institutions was an embarrassment, and leaves a great many questions about what the SFA were doing at the time, have been doing since, and how complicit individual clubs are in these dealings.

Supporters demand, and deserve, much better than this.

We understand legal necessities, but also understand that the club should be at liberty to make this clear if appropriate.

What clubs must understand, is that their supporters are the lifesblood upon which the game thrives in Scotland, and they deserve to know what went on, what is being done to stop it happening again, and that their boards have their best interests at heart.

Only fully divulging appropriate information will rebuild the broken trust.

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