Reverse 50% to 118% HBC parking price increases - they are unacceptable!

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For those of you in the borough and outside of the borough, your parking is going to cost significantly more than it did last year in some cases up to 118% more!! Hayling's tourism and local businesses will inevitably suffer the consequences.

This petition is to demand that Havant Borough Council debate these increases and to have them re-evaluate and present a rather more sensible set of increases that will not damage the local economy and also avoid placing a financial burden on households that can not afford such a MASSIVE increase.

PLEASE, IF YOU SIGN PLEASE REMEMBER TO INCLUDE YOUR ***POSTCODE***  - or Havant Council will ***REJECT***  YOUR SIGNATURE!  Here's the parking increase "HEADLINES"...................................

Havant Borough residents who buy a Beachlands season ticket will see its price go up by a HUGE  50% as from August 10th 2018. Charging days will also extend from 8 to 12 months per year. In addition, hourly charges are going up by stupid amounts which may prevent families having a day out by the seaside.

Local business on Hayling faces a 60% increase in parking charges for stays of less than 30 minutes - HBC has scrapped the 30 minute 50p ticket in favour of an 80p 1-hour ticket.  This will inevitably hurt local businesses

Havant Borough residents who buy a Beachlands season ticket and who are currently 60 years old will face a  ***WHOPPING*** 118% increase and on top of that, they will have to pay £120 until they are 65 years old instead of £55!

Extreme increases in Hayling Seafront parking prices is going to damage tourism. Tourism, if you believe HBC's figures account for a significant slice of the borough's income. These increases will surely damage HBC's income and therefore increase your local taxes.

Havant Borough Council will be making these extreme price rises at the same time it is abjectly failing to collect all parking fees due on the Beachlands site. Properly collecting these parking fees will surely have reduced the proposed increases.

Nobody probably minds paying a reasonable increase but these charges go well beyond "reasonable" The CEO has indicated these are reasonable but then most of us don't have a £130k+ salary?  If you have a problem with these increases then PLEASE SIGN it to give the council a great reason to review the changes (remember your POSTCODE!)

I would further urge you to email your local councillor and the portfolio holder