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Remove Pro Sexual Violence Pages - "Humor" or "Satire" Labels Aren't Enough

In the recent months Facebook has been repeatedly asked to remove the Pro Rape pages on their site. In early November, Facebook finally agreed -
Unfortunately, Facebook STILL has Pro Rape and Pro Violence Against Women pages on their site, but they are now labeled as "Humor" and "Satire".

Facebook agreed to remove it's Pro Rape pages and yet there are still pages on Facebook that are clearly in violation of it's Terms of Use and promote sexual violence/violence against women, but now they are labeled as "Humor" and "Satire". See below:

Letter to
CEO, Facebook Mark Zuckerberg
COO, Facebook Sheryl Sandberg
PPCM, Facebook Andrew Noyes
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg.

Remove Pro-Rape Pages - Don't Just Label Them As "Humor" or "Satire"

Remove Pro-Rape Pages - Don't Just Label Them As "Humor" or "Satire"