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Improve Policies Regarding Suicidal Content

I was so thrilled a few months back to hear that Facebook was developing a way to get help to people who posted suicidal content on FB. So many post on FB warnings that they are depressed to the point of taking their own lives, and I was under the impression FB had found a way to track the people and get emergency help to them. Unfortunately, after reporting such content, I found that all FB does is send an email to the person suggesting to them that they seek professional help and giving them resources. This is great if somebody is depressed, NOT great if somebody has a gun in their hand. They need IMMEDIATE help! Let's tell FB to enforce stricter policies with regard to suicidal content where lives can be saved in desperate situations! There needs to be a way for the local police of the person in question to be contacted when somebody says they are about to do something or already have to get help to them promptly.

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