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Reverse your decision to close the Sobey's store in St. Stephen, NB

The decision to close this location in St. Stephen will be devastating, not just to the landscape of competition in this area, but also to the local economy. 

St. Stephen is a small close knit community, the loss of these jobs resulting from the store closing will resonate hard causing people to move away to find work elsewhere. It will essentially make this a ghost town. 

The loss of our Sobey's will mean reduced competition, allowing for prices to be increased, essentially gouging consumers. which is something we do not want to happen. 

We the citizens of St. Stephen and surrounding area ask that you reconsider this decision and allow our Sobey's store to remain open. 

This petition was delivered to:
  • CEO, Empire Co Ltd. (dba Sobey's)
    Marc Poulin
  • Communications Manager
    Shauna Selig

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