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Take Craigslist Writing Gigs out of the hands of the predators; return it to the writers!

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Some time ago Craigslist used to be a very valuable resource for writers like myself. Years back I could actually make a decent living finding jobs on CL Writing Gigs Section. Not anymore. I am increasingly disturbed by job offers from not just blatant, and not so blatant scammers, but people so willing to make their living off of the hard work of writers. To many posters are unwilling to pay anything at all, or anything minimum wager or higher. The ones that do claim to pay hide or disguise what they are paying. What other industry, other than ours, refuses to disclose the pay of the job you are applying for? People use the word internship to hide slave labor practices. Posters will do just about everything to keep from disclosing what they are actually paying. I can go on and on but if you have spent much time looking through these posts you already know what I'm talking about. So what do I want done here?

I would like CL to police their site better. Make the Writers Gigs section for actual paying gigs. Require posters to pay at least minimum wage. Maybe make another category for people looking for free labor or unwilling to pay minimum wage. The longer these posts are allowed to pollute CL the easier it is for them to get away with this. Too many people who are not writers are too willing to practically give away their work to people who do not value them or their work. These predators refuse to pay telling naive writers that slaving for them will look good on their resume. Many new writers do not understand how this actually hurts the value of their work and the work of other writers. Writers, be proud of your craft and do not take work that is offering less than what you are truly worth!

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