I'm Autistic and I don't want my parents to die or the Queen. Together we will save them!

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 Mother Nature can be kind, but can also be horrifically vicious; and while some of us have kindness and loyalty in our hearts, it turns its back on us all at the end of the day, showing no tears or emotion. This comes from people, - our families and friends but not nature with its endless cycle of birth and death, and who in their right mind would dare oppose this gravestone, almost black hole like convention that has been in place ever since life began?

 Nature does not hate people who challenge it, it often rewards them. An example of this could be a child with appendicitis. If you leave things alone the child could die, but if you challenge nature and a surgeon operates and removes the appendix, he or she can continue living healthily until another problem may arise and you need to challenge nature again to beat it - and so on.

 I feel that if the people of the world, ordinary decent intelligent human beings, join forces to turbocharge science and thus viciously counter attack issues like aging, cancer, AIDS, diabetes, heart conditions, - even the hurtful inequalities of physical beauty, and the rest of the many injustices faced by many brave adults and children today, then those same people will know what it is like to finally command respect from something which can be their friend but equally their foe.

 If this does not seem real, then venture out of Edinburgh on the Forth Road bridge and consider that this monstrous, massive structure was in fact man-made some 53 years ago; or take a train over the colossal Forth Rail Bridge, man-made over 127 years ago – it seems like an impossibility; or make a phone call on your mobile from the UK to Australia and observe how you can talk through the air to someone thousands of miles away which in Henry VIII’s time would have seemed like witchcraft, - surely this cannot be possible?

 I deeply and dearly love my parents. They are not perfect – who is? But have always been loyal to me and there to catch me when I fell. My father is now 75 years old and made it from being born in a mud hut in Pakistan to live in a truly beautiful secluded private house. He gets up at 4:30am each morning and goes to work as a GP at his surgery returning home at around 9:30, sometimes even 10 pm when he’s finished the paperwork. He also works at the weekends. People don’t know how he does it at his age but that’s partly why I admire him so much – he’s the rock of the family.

 My mother is of Irish, Danish, Scottish and English heritage and was also a caring GP with a special interest in Paediatrics. She retired about 10 years ago and had never had a boyfriend before she met my dad at a hospital in Inverness. My mother is one of the most principled and moral people I know. She is gentle and shy. I love gentility in people.

 If my parents were to die I would feel completely and utterly lost and alone. I have always wanted to do something to prove to my Dad that I can be successful like him (in fact hopefully even more successful, carrying the torch forward!!)  But while I have had some success over the years, my dad knows very well that when it comes to achieving my dear most personal goals I have failed.

 I was in the kitchen over 10 years ago and my Dad was in his sixties. I looked at his face, saw dark bruised shadows under his eyes, an unhealthy tone to his skin and thought that the poor man’s starting to die.

 Most people would say that this is an inevitability, but I thought that it’s high time to challenge nature and if a body can grow older it then logically must be possible to change this recipe back to that of a younger constitution in the same way that you can manipulate and alter the physical constitution of many objects.

 Why even bother to try? The reason is that if people of society could come together and channel their immense collective energy into restoring an 18 year old constitution to an aged body they would have achieved the greatest feat of science since time began. It would be like sticking two fingers up at the down side of Nature that doesn’t care about us; the same down side that kills people in hurricanes, landslides and floods; takes children with leukaemia away from us; killed the people of Pompeii and is believed to have wiped out the Dinosaurs.

 If you a liken global society itself to a giant man, then this man himself is dying; War, terrorism, famine and disease rot at his very core; and if he is to stand tall and walk into space (as Stephen Hawking commented - people should make every effort to settle in Space before they face extinction) then even this man needs to be healthy and young, both in outlook and constitution.

 Opponents of rejuvenation always comment about a population crush if young life was preserved yet women were still giving birth, but I say herein lies a challenge. Space is there to move into. We are fortunate it exists; and there is masses, absolutely masses of it. It is up to us to find out how to make it our playground. It is a challenge and should be regarded as nothing else.  

 Ultimately we are all receptacles of our Universe – our ultimate environment. We take it in and assimilate it in our bodies like drinking wine from a massive cup. The collective human perception of the Universe and thus all strides of human consciousness must therefore be an inversion of it as this is the only way that something so large can fit inside our limited relatively tiny space.

 The inverse of the Universe, our collective consciousness nibbling forwards through time at in some respects a worryingly slow pace (e.g. has obesity been cured?) but perhaps unsurprising due to inflexibility, bureaucracy and pigeon holing in society’s dated, excessively conventional set up.

 In the title I mentioned my concern for our Queen but I am not a sycophantic royalist, instead I regard the Queen as just another human being. If I was a celebrity on a roll I would never accept a title because if this meant kneeling in front of another human being, whomever that person may be, my pride would not let me do it. If I went to a church I would gladly kneel in front of God but no one else.

 This might therefore sound like I have little respect for the Queen but it is quite the opposite for she may be another human being but I feel she is totally unique and special.

 She is principled, feminine, loyal, moral, respectful, dignified, and quite kind; has grace, class and serenity. In fact no one else is quite the same and thus the Queen is I feel totally irreplaceable. Even the fact that it’s Mother Earth with a motherly queen, - the Planet being like a giant egg with a beautiful kind hen sitting guard on it.

 I do not want our Queen to die and believe that we should fight always to keep her alive, healthy, well and happy. The Queen was an attractive woman when she was young as can be seen in the photograph and young she should be made again. If the Queen could be rejuvenated it would mark as one of the greatest victories since time started. It would be like laughing in the face of evil terrorists who try to destroy life’s precious energy, not fortify it as we could do.

 The Queen was born on the 21st of April in 1926 which makes her 91 years of age. I would like her to live for eternity, but assuming the status quo continues with no radical changes, how long will she live for? I cannot answer but the situation is critical.

 I believe if the world came together and science was truly turbocharged then it would take at least one or two years of massively concentrated and coordinated effort to practically solve the rejuvenation problem. In doing so many other problems would be solved and our insight into the intricate functioning of the human body would shoot into a new dimension. I feel that this would also lead to commensurate developments in supercomputers and artificial intelligence.

 What do I propose?

 As an idealist I am going to talk ideally, based upon my experience of life. We cannot afford to compromise and let Her Majesty, my parents and your parents down. They are too precious to be deleted from time, deleted from the future and must be saved.

 I propose a profound global real-time reality TV network as a vessel for an organisation headed by a fictional character called Dr Lab, called Lab Industries International (L.I.I.) The L.I.I. show will be connected via TV, Radio, the internet and all modern media to schools, colleges, universities, workplaces internationally but perhaps most importantly, the street.

 Whether it be connecting to people in the U.K., U.S., Africa, Denmark, China, Pakistan or Iceland; whether it be connecting to homeless people, factory workers, people working on the roads, policemen, teachers, doctors, professors, long distance lorry drivers, unemployed people looking to improve their lives, Lab Industries International would be interested in people’s ideas regardless of colour, creed, religious background or sexuality as it is differences that can make the world such a colourful, interesting place and should never cause devisal hate.

 Where would this show be based?

 I am English, was born in England and am proud of my country as anybody should be proud of theirs. That’s why ideally I’d like this show to be based in England.

 Where in England should the show be based?

 I am not just an idealist I am autistic and have always had a fascination with shapes ever since I can remember. When I was growing up I became obsessed with the shapes of certain Italian cars – cars like the Fiat 130 coupe, the Lancia Montecarlo S2 and the Ferrari 308 GTB but not just this, shapes of faces and buildings too.

 When I was 13 I went briefly to a boarding school and the drummer for our Rock band which I named Sicily and the Vendettas, invited us to his house for a band practice on a beautiful hot summer’s day.

 We were driving along in his father’s Range Rover when Mike pointed to his house. I went into shock when I saw it on a hill in the distance. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. A white Georgian house sitting proudly, ghostly and exquisitely in parkland next to a lake. It was like a page had been ripped from my dreams.

 When we arrived at the house we met his mother, sister and there was this gorgeous 19 year old girl called Charlotte there with long dark hair and blue eyes. I could not even believe her; but being there was like ecstasy to someone with my condition.

 The house is located in North London. Once, on the way back from Silverstone, me and a friend tried to find it just so I could have another glimpse, but got nowhere.

 It wasn’t until 2001 when my dad got in contact with Mike’s mother, who’d sold the house previously, that we found out it was on the market again and the Estate agents sent me a brochure.

 I took my parents and uncle to see it on the way to a Ferrari Owners Club meeting where I could stare at all the cars. They knew how special it was and that is why, as the most inspiring place I have ever been to (with the second being Chateau De Vaux Le Vicomte near Paris) I would like this house, let’s call it LPH to be the base of the show.

 In the office above the garages I would like to sit with my thinking cap turned to 210%. With me, I would ideally like to be the base team – a team of individuals I think that people could relate to and who could try to think at light speed to help to save our Queen, my parents and your parents.

 The team would be connected to the rest of the world by television, through radio and the internet and we would fight like lions on ideas that both we generate ourselves and that come in from adults and children throughout the world with whom we interact. Better still, we would be connected to the world’s leading Universities and research institutions who could try and react to debate with immediate cutting edge experiments to try and prove or disprove the latest theories, many of which will originate on the street. I feel that society may well be surprised by who has the best ideas.

 Should a person’s idea be viable and proved correct – whomever and whatever age that person may be, wherever that person might be from, then their details will be officially recorded so they get one day their fair share of proceeds created by any invention which is in demand as a result of proving  a concrete advantage to humanity.

 Bottlenecks and problems will be communicated through the media and people will be able to vote on what they regard as the best possible solutions. In this way, by regarding global society as a giant man, as we did before, we will be effectively trying to cure and heal his ailing body from within, as his atoms, molecules and cells are none another than people or groups of people throughout our world that make up his constitution.

 Nearly 26 years ago I used to be a male model and being obsessed with shapes, learned a lot about beauty. Everyone has an aesthetic range but most people are so far away from the tip of theirs they will never know just how beautiful they could be.

 This is sad as I believe that every decent person deserves stunning beauty, particularly in their own eyes and confidence, which is fundamentally important.

 One modelling picture never looked like me. It was a fluke, being how I wanted to look at the time but couldn’t. I knew I was seeing the tip of my aesthetic range and as such if I never look like this I will never be truly happy. Even if no one else likes it, it’s what you want to look like that counts and makes you contented.

 I want to live in a world where everyone is happy with the way they look and physical inequalities are removed. I want to live in a world where brave burns victim Jacqui Saburido can get her original face and looks back and her nightmare can be finally over. Dr Lab believes this is possible – do you?

 Who would I like to be part of the base team?

 1.      Professor Stephen Hawking

2.      Bill Gates

3.      Sir Iain Lobban, Ex Director of GCHQ or ‘Lobby’ as he is known by his friends.

4.      Christopher Michael Langan

5.      Aubrey De Grey                            

6.      Peter Thiel

7.      Professor Clive Orchard                               

8.      Chris Caston

9.      Myself

It would be great if LPH could be run by people that I know and feel comfortable with. People like Patrick, a talkative 74 year old charming Irish builder with a heart of gold who could, with the help of gardener David, look after the gardens and buildings or discuss plants; or Karen a brilliant cleaner who cleans our house in West Yorkshire. There could be a special Chef in the kitchen explaining to the cameras his/ her favourite new recipes, or a Newscaster in the drawing room keeping the show abreast of the latest news.

 LPH would be like a community intent on saving our Queen and those who we love, but would be merely the focus point for the giant effort of the world.

 Dr Lab (who would need to be created by myself and Pinewood Studios) and his show may seem lofty or overly ambitious, however let us consider the reality of what will definitely happen if it does not take place.

 The situation is as I said critical. Her Majesty, our Queen will sadly soon pass away never to be seen or heard from again and as I said she is irreplaceable. My parents one by one will pass away leaving me alone. One day your parents will be erased from history perhaps to be followed by you so you never find out what happened to humanity, our fellow human beings and their cause. For life is currently like a cruel relay race that no one can win. Also many have little time to experience any profound thrill on the journey.

 One day, if humans live that long, as technology advances, it may make rejuvenation quite possible in hundreds of years. Then people will look back and pity the world in 2017 where people had to die and did not think twice about it.

 We must fight to keep the light of humanity burning bright. We should always be a part of this world.

 We are too good to simply disappear, rot away or leave ashes behind. We must fight for our lives and those of whom we love. We have wisdom to offer; what is its point of this if we can’t use it to help people of the future, we can help our children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and so on; we are valuable to the future, we should not be ashamed of ourselves.

 One day when we make ourselves 18 again and beautiful too, at the tip of our aesthetic range,  we must look in the mirror and smile and give it the thumbs up, winking before dancing around in joy at what we have accomplished. We must then stick up two fingers to the cruel down side of nature and say ‘we beat you’, ‘you couldn’t get us’, ‘we were too clever for you!’ ‘We out foxed you!’

 Also, our God could admire this effort for it was trying to conserve and let prosper, let fly, what he created; not destroy it. Take the fire of life, keep it burning, make it stronger and then spread it throughout the entire Universe, which I believe our God intended to be our home.

 I like to think I believe in our God, I love good that’s for sure, but I believe that God’s love is a tough love and he doesn’t tolerate fools gladly. That’s why I do not believe that there is a heaven waiting for us when we die. Why should there be?

 If we want a heaven we will have to create it ourselves, a man made heaven just like the Forth Road Bridge; but the good news is that if we come together and do create it, then we will all experience it in reality, not just a figment of our imaginations.

 The journey will be tough but I know how brave people can be.

 Please consider signing this petition to help make Dr Lab and his heart fully meant show a reality.

 Thank you,

 James R Naz.