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Tell Mars, Inc. that we want our M&Ms without artificial food dyes!

M&Ms and other candies are sold in Europe without artificial food dyes! Tell them we want them available in the US! There is much debate about whether artificial food dyes cause long term health issues such as cancer. What is not up for debate is that many of these dyes cause hyperactivity in some children, and kids who are on powerful medications to treat ADHD have been able to come off these medications by removing synthetic food dyes from their diet. There is no benefit to these dyes and there are many potential risks. Consumers in the UK have a higher concern level about these dyes than Americans so products such as M&Ms are made and sold without synthetic food dyes there. So if Mars already has the product available in one part of the world, why are Americans not able to purchase it in the US? Why are we the dumping ground for synthetic dyes that the rest of the world doesn't want? All we are asking is for Mars, Inc to make available to Americans products that they are already making and selling in other parts of the world.

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    Forrest Mars
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    Paul Michaels
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    Debra Sandler

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