Improve email privacy on Apple devices

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Privacy is a human right. We exchange thousands of emails over the years. All these text and attachments provide insight about our private lives and private businesses. Currently all this information can be stolen by hacking into your email account. But there is a way to protect it. It is a technology which is already built into Apple’s Mail App on iPhone, iPad and Mac. It is not just Apple software it is also built into Microsoft Outlook on Windows computers. The problem is, it is nearly impossible for a regular user to understand and configure it. Because of that the usage is minimal and user complaints about the bugs and other problems are not high enough to get on Apple engineers’ radar to fix the problems. It is time to champion email privacy. To support this I released a free app called Secutor on Apple’s App Store. But it is not enough. The bugs and inconsistencies with the user interface that one needs to deal with nearly makes the use of this technology impossible. 


I’m asking a top to bottom encouragement at Apple to fix email privacy of their customers. 


Please help me to get this issue all the way up to Apple’s CEO Tim Cook to solve it. Mr. Cook last year showed exemplary leadership about the privacy of the data of their customers, I call on his leadership to fix email privacy on Apple’s devices and show Apple’s leadership in respecting their customers’ privacy.  


After all, article 12 of declaration of Human Rights by United Nations, establishes that Privacy is a Basic Human Right.