Refund/Compensation from P&O Australia - Cruise J846 (PNG -Pacific Jewel)

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Ok, I'm sorry but I'm not sorry! I am not taking this laying down.

I just got off the Jewel with my mum and 2 kids, mum and I are experienced cruisers.

It wasnt the weather, the cancelled ports or the medical evacuations that were issues on their own. It was everything as a collective and how the captain and P&O handled it that was the issue.

Plus other issues onboard. Entertainment was terrible except 1 singer that was awesome, food in the pantry was pretty meh, there was barely anything on around the ship.

It's all well and good to say book again next yr or just enjoy it for what it is etc.

As a whole the cruise was a let down in many ways. The ports were beautiful but that's about it and trust me, this was the general consensus onboard.

On the day we were meant to be in Kitava and we were late due to the airplane evacuation. It was plain to see the captain cancelled that port due to lack of time rather than safety.

We were told by Christine (loud obnoxious American women in charge of shore tours) that as we had the first tender tickets we should stay in connections so as soon as we anchor we can get everyone off as quick as possible.

The whole evacuation was late which is fine but we were still told to stay put. I had a 7 and 9 yr old who sat there in a room full of people with nothing to do but play go fish from 8.30 till 1pm when the port was cancelled.

On the day the helicopter evacuation was made half the ship was locked out of their rooms and all open decks closed for the operation. No problems! But we were all in connections with no seating, kids everywhere as kids club closed for half the day. No entertainment, nothing! Joey did a 20 min Gatsby dance class.

There was no sail away as we were delayed and the day we sailed they easily could have done it once we left the river but there was nothing.

I'm not a fan of the Melbourne cup at all but yesterday as soon as the horses left the gate and everyone was on 12 watching the race the captain chose that moment to make an announcement. You should have seen the uproar!

This morning we all disembarked about 40 mins later than advised and had to travel by coach 30 mins back to Hamilton.

Before we disembarked the Jewel there was no goodbye message or even a thankyou by the captain or Bobbi the invisible cruise director.

As passengers we were treated like after thoughts the entire cruise, the only time the captain spoke was to give us bad news and Bobbi the cruise director was barely seen or heard from.

I'm really happy for those who don't feel what many of us feel. I'm truly glad that in your eyes your experience was wonderful.

BUT do not discredit the rest of us or call us whingers.

I can deal with medical emergencies, missed ports etc. But the fact that is there was no atmosphere, terrible entertainment and we would have been better in a resort in Thailand that had kids club!

The service staff were impeccable as usual, Jasper Malone was the highlight of my trip entertainment wise. But the upper management and cruise director have a lot to answer for.

I'm a solo mum so I cant afford another cruise for another couple of years for myself and 2 kids. I booked this cruise and saved every penny I had for 468 days exactly to take my 2 boys on their first cruise. I wont just shrug and chalk it up to an experience.

I booked a cruise knowing ports can get cancelled, medical emergencies can happen etc. But I also booked a cruise expecting a certain level of excellence, entertainment etc based on previous cruises with P&O and that was not met ..... not even close.

If you were onboard you would totally get why everyone is not disembarking with a smile.