Pave First Line in Centre Wellington

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Years ago First Line was a tar and chip road -a great, clean, pot hole free road when maintained. After years of neglect the road surface was so battered that the decision was made to rip it out return it to a gravel road.

First Line doesn't have the base and surface to be a serviceable gravel road. It pot holes easily, is slushy, and needs a ton of grading each season to keep it in shape. Each time it rains the work of the grader and the calcium spray is rendered useless once again. 


We, the citizens of Centre Wellington and the Residents of the First Line, propose to the Administration, the Mayor, and Council to review and reconsider paving the First Line before 2021.

We would like the Administration, Mayor, and Council to review and determine if the First Line in Fergus can be paved in 2019. We also would like to have this decision communicated to the residents and citizens of Centre Wellington.

The First Line has been a dirt road since 2017 when the tar and chip surface was pulverized.  This road continues to be hazardous because it becomes very rough within a few days of grading and is not good for our health to breathe the dust.