Plastic-free environment

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Hi all, I am Alana, a 20 year old college-going citizen of India. I belong to the state of kerala, I find that plastic bags are a major threaten to our society, not only to my place, but also to the country. 

As we all know, everyone is aware of the effects of burning plastics. It leads to many respiratory problems. There has been ban of plastic bags in our country. But still, we all (including me)  bring things in plastic bag from the shop. It is because that's how we get from the shop.  

Beggining from one shop, we use it for bringing else where and throw elsewhere and this affect our environment, because plastic is non-degradable. 

I would prefer a solution that plastic bags supply to the shops must be stopped and paper bags must be available in sufficient quantity at an affordable rate. I have often noticed that some shops gives out the customer in paper bags but customer have to pay a particular rate only for the paper bag, which seems to be higher. 

I believe and hope that if we hold hands we can bring out a plastic -free healthy environment.I request all of you to sign this petition, for betterness of society and ourself.  

Thank you. Hope you all co-operate.