Petition Closed

It's A Shear Thing is one of the few locally owned and operated, non-corporation businesses in the Centre At Salisbury. Regis Corporation, feeling the pressure of this local salon, owned and run by former Mastercuts employees, pulled some strings with a little fine print and a lot of money to take over the spot It's A Shear Thing now occupies. The corporation that owns the Centre At Salisbury, Macerich, had to conceed the spot but we must ask them not to let It's A Shear Thing salon go. This salon is filled with amazing, talented professionals that will succeed anywhere on the Lower Eastern Shore but they put a lot into gaining a place at this mall. Their lease is short and they haven't violated their contract, so we are asking the corporation that owns this mall to consider letting them stay to get some traction back under their feet before having to leave or relocate this sucessful establishment elsewhere, if possible, within Centre At Salisbury.

Letter to
Senior Marketing Manager for Macerich and Centre At Salisbury Alane Emerson CMD
Senior Property Manager for Macerich and Centre At Salisbury Marvin Snyder
Don't kick It's A Shear Thing Salon out of the Centre At Salisbury. This business may be new, but the professionals there are not; they have a fantastic skill set and a great following. Regis Corporation is scared of them for a reason and they've pulled their legal strings to get the competition out of that spot. However, I feel it is unethical to terminate an already short, 6 month, lease to boot out a business just to rent out a space that, reportedly, will remain empty. It's A Shear Thing will find a way to thrive wherever they go, but it would be most logical for the Centre At Salisbury to try to move It's A Shear Thing or at least honor the short lease to help out a small business. The people of this community want It's A Shear Thing to thrive and helping them to do that would be well worth the effort. Thank you for your consideration.