Centralize Black Farmers to create a Black-Owned Farmers’ Market in the DC metro area!

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Within the DC metropolitan area Black Farmers are at a disadvantage to receiving the same visibility, funding/capital and access to consumers as their white counterparts. In order to ensure Black Farmers’ have equal opportunity in owning their own space to provide food goods to their community, it is most important for the black community to create a petition stating our need to have a black-owned Farmers’ Market in the area.

The signatures from this petition will be information presented to local councilmen and senators who have shown interest in assisting in local community efforts (specifically regarding the black community).

Currently, there are no black-owned grocery stores or black-owned Farmers’ Markets in the DMV area which makes it extremely difficult for the Black community to circulate our dollars within our community when purchasing food goods (specifically groceries). We need to have at least one centralized area where we can shop for all of our grocery needs within our community. This will help to support and rebuild economic growth back into black-owned businesses as well as our community as a whole. 

Let your voice be heard... Black Farmers’ Markets are more than needed within the DC metro area. Move the needle forward by signing today!