Sorry State of Maharajbagh Zoo, Nagpur!

Sorry State of Maharajbagh Zoo, Nagpur!

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Sharmin Malik started this petition to Central Zoo Authority(CZA) and

Recently i visited the Maharajbagh zoo after many years with the intention of taking the kids around in Nagpur, as there isnt much to do in the city. And i felt so sorry for the poor animals. The way they were isolAted and kept in secluded cages esp monkeys, black bear, cheetah and the tiger. There were hardly 5-6 monkeys spread in 4-5 cages, which means 1 monkey per cage and the cages were meant for bigger animals like cheetah and lion. These cages missed out the playareas for monkeys which is usually trees and hangings. 

Even if human being is isolated and deserted, he wouldnt be able to survive. So what about the animals?? These are left alone to the staring visitors, caged in small non-green cages, and not even space to move around. 

The poor black bear and cheetah had nothing much to do except just sit and roam in that small space.

Good part is the animals looked well fed but apart from that their living conditions are pathetic!

Only deer looked okay. Rest even the acquarium was dirty. Water wasnt clean and there was hardly 1 or 2 fish per fish tank!

The main attraction of the zoo is no more the animals there because i dont think they are taken care of well or been given proper friendly environment to live. Not sure about food but certainly the living conditions didnt seem good at all.

The main focus and earnings of the zoo has shifted to paid children activities like trampoline, wall climbing,zip line, bull ride etc and so many vendors at the gate of the zoo. The animals are left in one corner and certainly these animals are not meant for the zoo. Please dont leave these animals alone and isolated. I have never seen atleast monkeys living alone. You want to fill the cage so you put one monkey per cage, really !!

I understand that Gorewada Safari is going to come up in Nagpur, and these existing animals will be shifted there and they are gonna bring new animals in Maharajbagh zoo, but the concern is the maintenance, caging and sorry state of this zoo. Its hard to see the plight of the poor animals there. Leave the park and children's activities open but please close the zoo. We, Nagpurians,were proud of the zoo at one time but its sad to see the animals there and i even felt more sorry to have taken the children to see this. 

Which is why i am raising this concern and want to bring in this to the notice of the authorities and people for the immediate action/closure of Maharagbagh zoo. 

I need your support. I dont know the technicalities and i am stating what i saw.  

Animals are not meant for Zoo! Period!!

 Yours Sincerely

Sharmin Malik



0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!
At 1,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!