Cancel the All Things Wild White Tiger Exhibit at the Central Wisconsin State Fair

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The Royal White Tiger is not a species, it is the result of extensively inbreeding Bengal Tigers with a recessive gene. This results in the optic nerve being wired to the wrong side of the tiger’s brain causing crossed eyes and defects including heart abnormalities, kidney problems, spinal deformities, near-crippling hip dysplasia and other problems. There is no conservation value or educational value in breeding or displaying White Tigers.

The animals are almost constantly confined to tiny transport cages or trailers. They suffer in extreme temperatures and are denied adequate food and water because transporters don’t want to bother with frequent stops to feed and water the animals and clean their cages. The animals have little exercise and are prone to illness. They self-mutilate. They also suffer from heightened stress due to alien and crowded environments.

The Exhibit is owned and operated by Michael Todd, who has a long list of serious federal Animal Welfare Act Violations. The Exhibit is also linked to and with an individual named Marcus Cook who had his USDA permit permanently revoked in 2012 because he repeatedly endangered the lives of the viewing public and failed to provide veterinary care to sick, injured, and malnourished animals.

Wild animals are just that, they are wild and they are unpredictable. When combined with stress, they have a propensity to act out. In the United States, 21 people died and 246 have been mauled by exotic cats since 2000. The risk associated with this form of entertainment is extreme, and we are all on notice of this risk.

Other fairs, including the Dakota County Fair in Farmington, Minnesota, recently cancelled this Exhibit following receipt and review of similar information. Our community is better than this Exhibit. Please help me send a message to the Central Wisconsin State Fair Board and Executive Director Dale Christiansen. If you are local, please be sure to indicate this as they are looking to hear from those in the community!