Upgrade Maryborough Skatepark

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The Maryborough skatepark located on Majorca Road no longer meets the standard required to allow skateboard, scooter and BMX riders to flourish, or even spark an initial interest in one of the sports. Talented riders give it up quickly because they become bored with what they can physically achieve due to the skatepark’s limitations, and parents can’t be expected to constantly take them to Ballarat, Bendigo or other surrounding areas to pursue their interests. It’s an uninviting skatepark for parents to take their young kids to because the metal ramps are slippery and become dangerously hot in summer, and the features of the skatepark (ramps, rails, etc) are outdated. It's years overdue for an upgrade! 

UPDATE: The council also has a 3-question survey circulating that everyone can quickly fill out and express their desire to have a new skatepark built — https://bit.ly/2GcNFX2