Fresh referendum for Umaylam and Rangzen

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A new referendum for Umaylam and Rangzen is the dire call of urgency. The years 1974 and 1990 was a different time and era where unanimity through few was the acceptable norm. The tides have changed and so should we.

Our movement is stuck on a dead end by our own doings. Our conscience has been suppressed for too long and now, it’s about time our voices and opinions are heard loud and clear.

This petition will help reignite the dwindling barometer of our nationalistic fervor by bolting a new fresh referendum that will determine the true dreams and aspirations of our people.

This campaign is in no way or form aimed to dismantle nor to measure the efficacy of the Umaylam. As a citizen of Tibet, with inclined progressive mindset and warm tolerance, I do respect the vision behind this Umay- Lam policy, but at the same time with an open mind, not being led blindfolded and not entrenched to sentiments of things, I also unequivocally lament over the decades spent by our government in exile on their failed policy upheld hitherto with languishing patience and one sided effort. Therefore, I strongly feel that our movement needs to be directed on a new path, a path that is acceptable to everyone.

When Umaylam was formulated and voted in unanimity by the people back in the days that culminated into over three decades, the geopolitical dynamics and world economic paradigm were different. It was a time when China was still a poor underdeveloped country busy raping our land to meet its people hunger. It was a time when China’s political and economic clout were almost inexistent.

The expectation from the Tibetan people at that time to contain China by the world community were thinkable and the world to stand behind on the vision of mutual co-existence propagated through the Middle way policy were feasible too.

As expected the world did stand by Tibet’s side passing resolutions and at a time when morality still existed and were not tainted by greed, HHDL was conferred the Nobel peace prize for his initiative to a peaceful resolution on the Tibet issue.

But just as the years turned into decades and just as the world shrunk with the advent of the internet and globalization, China rose into stratospheric heights like no one expected and reaped the benefits of the globalization unhinged by manipulating the imbalance playing field into its favor. Slowly and steadily enough, its prowess on both soft and sharp powers increased to influence the world order. And, now that many nations kowtow to their whims and succumb to their economic lashes for standing for Tibet, their once proud sympathetic stance for Tibet has evaporated and now reached hypocritical levels.

With the advent of social media, revolution like the Arab spring had sprung and even won presidential elections here in the US. In retrospect, due to the polarizing presence of social media into our lives, engagement on Tibetan polity by our people of all ages has seen tsunami like indulgence. Tibetan politics and matters concerning our identity are no longer derived from the pages of monthly newspaper edition and is no longer captivating only for the elderly Tibetans. New generation of Tibetans are hungry as ever to learn about Tibet and they care more than ever for the political future of Tibet.

I think given the huge gap between the decades and the generations that grew up since it was first signed, where perhaps only a handful of people participated, it’s actually the right time to host a fresh referendum to gauge the real as opposed to dogmatic aspirations of our people.

Maybe by doing so, it will be easy for the CTA to submit to the people’s demand and steer to a new path without breaking the ship. I call upon all the conscientious Tibetans to sign this petition for a new referendum on Uma and Rangzen to see where we actually stand. I wish a world order, where everyone is on the same page, where conscience are not emotionally blackmailed by sentiments and opinions are not trampled by fear. This referendum will be more polarizing then our last democratic sikyong election since, this will be the testament to the aspirations of the majority and the engagement on such a vote that will redefine our movement and rejuvenate our true identity.

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