Central Queensland University, please reduce the tuition fees for us!!

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I represent the thousands of international students studying at CQUniversity, we all expect CQU to support international students by reducing tuition fees!!

Due to the consequences of COVID-19, international students lose their jobs, our parents and guarantors also face difficulties. That will be very hard for us and our family in coming months. In order to keep our tuition payment, our family is trying our best to keep things afloat, therefore your help in reducing this year's tuition fee will be absolutely helpful.

Moreover, our intention when paying the tuition fee is for “in class” education. CQUni had decided to change all lectures & tutorials into online mode due to the current situation and we found this method of learning does not fit us well. In fact, this affects our learning’s quality in many ways. In addition, one of the reasons that we agreed to pay full amount in the beginning is that we can experience full-on facilities of modern education, which we cannot right now because of online studying mode.

CQUni, you are an educational entrepreneur. You sell the knowledge and we buy it. You know, consumers always want a good product and they only pay happily when you also offer a full service (rather than learning online and still paying the full amount). Hope CQU please understand and sympathize with us. Many universities have reduced tuition and we want CQU to do the same things (https://www.sbs.com.au/language/english/how-are-australian-universities-supporting-international-students-during-the-covid-19-crisis-here-s-a-full-list?fbclid=IwAR312X2gEBnvv4j1xxDQCTNWhIX_UzU8pZsuujQ3l0LaFMLFnXOAAHZD3AA). That is the most practical way to support students at this time!

A lot of students emailed to CQUni to ask for the support. But no one answered us. It seems they don't care. We are very frustrated since the fee that we paid does not match with the learning value & experiences that you are offering at the moment. The tuition we pay are not cheap. CQUni, please listen, understand and help us. Otherwise, it will be unfair to us!! Please compare with other universities!!

Last but not least, Australian border has closed now for a foreseeable time which means we cannot choose to go back home and defer my course until things are back to normal but to continue to do my course in Australia. And even if we defer studying, we will have to pay an extra fee to extend the visa to continue studying.

We appreciate your attention to this matter and hope for a favorable conclusion soon.

Thank you for your understanding, CQUni!!