Demand for improved quality of roads

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The country is losing too many lives because of bad traffic. Cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkota, Chennai, etc. has bad traffic not only because of high density of vehicles. 65% of the traffic accidents and congestion can be reduced if we have good roads.

Naturally, the people driving vehicle when they see a pot-hole, they tend to deviate from the current lane causing others to hit breaks. If luckily, the person on the other lane is skilled enough to control the vehicle, nothing major happens. This causes disruption in traffic flow. This not only causes accidents, but majority of the country's fuel is wasted because of this as the vehicles are on idling due to non-moving traffic. The authorities should make sure that a proper motor-able road is provided before closing any road for construction so that there's no disruption in usual traffic.

Please join hands with me to demand for good quality roads.