Plastic Under Feet : Use Waste Plastic for roads : Control Pollution : Have Durable Roads

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Plastic being the cheap luxury is ruling the lives at home , on dining tables, bathrooms, in our vehicles, In Restaurants & Hotels, in fact we are surrounded by the plastic in the form of bags, spoons, forks, furniture , decor, storage etc. everywhere. And it has become now a big threat as plastic takes around minimum 450 years to 1000 odd years for getting decomposed, what more right at this moment tonnes of plastic is being dumped in oceans which is affecting marine life & the plastic covers thrown every where is affecting the animals which swallow it along with the other food thrown out in the dustbins , which clogs their intestines. isn't it alarming. And its piling up.

 We can do nothing about it and the plastic which is being manufactured in billions of tonnes every minutes continues and the accumulation will also continue & affect the Human, Animal & Marine Life and also Affect the environment in a huge way.

However if the measures are taken and followed by all citizens then we can definitely bring this down much faster. Like Educating about the methods of reusing the plastic , Where all alternative methods can be used instead of plastic (Like Use Cloth Bags instead of plastic bags, Reuse the plastic containers for growing backyard or flowering plants etc. ) These can be bring out the employment for the segment who can make papers covers or bags , Cloth Bags . Usage of Edible Spoons and Forks is advisable or Wooden spoons instead of Plastic Spoons ( Which can be made mandatory in Malls, Multiplexes, Restaurants & Hotels , Parks - These are the most polpulated areas & if its brought in action by law we will see a whole lot of people actually start following ). Not to forget the small time vendors ( These are the people who are quick to adopt )

  Now if we control the consumption of plastic we can arrest this to a great extent .

Next question is how about the already manufactured and waste plastic - Well we can collect it ( we need Local GHMC Bodies helping & Supporting the cause for collection, like collecting it separately for easy segregation ) and shred it and use it to make Roads along with Bitumen (Tar) - Tonnes of plastic can be used for the construction of roads, not only roads but also foot paths , Road side Walls , to make bricks. What happens when we do that we are bringing down the plastic waste accumulation and also making use of it for our own benefit and also its not affecting the environment & the Good News is "It is Also Cheap" it brings down the cost of constructing roads, & if the work of shredding is given to the small time workers it will create employment as well.. So lets join hands &  have "Plastic Under Feet" - Polymer Roads. Lets have better Commuting experience on the roads which are Pot Hole Free and doesn't require constant repairing