stop the poison

stop the poison

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Started by alena vadala

I want the government to take action against the pollution in Musi river. Due to the city expanding, the majority of the water in river Musi is sewage dumped into the river by the booming population.  Many government made organizations were formed to address this problem but none have taken any action yet. The quality of the water should be adequate enough that residents who live nearby the river can use it and not be a victim to water borne diseases.

I was appalled when I found out that the only river in Hyderabad was severely polluted and in a terrible condition. Its toxicity levels are so high that no one can use it and even if they did they would fall sick as polluted water is unhygienic, but what is worse is that the government is not taking a stand against this issue.

People need water, since Hyderabad is growing, the water requirement will also grow. People who live near the river are victims of many water borne diseases. With the government neglecting the environmental laws, the Musi river has been reduced to a sewer. Water bodies either get replaced with buildings or get poisoned by waste, with the loss of many water bodies, it will be hard to provide a suitable amount of water to everyone.

I believe that this issue requires government interference, they have all the resources to take action and they are still not doing anything. This problem needs to be fixed because there are so many health issues being caused due to the water. Many women have had miscarriages, children face issues like stunted growth and deformed teeth. The vision of children was also affected when they used the water. People face the issues of joint pains and rashes. The chemicals in the water can induce cancer, diarrhea, jaundice, typhoid, and many other waterborne diseases.   Animals are also affected by this. Buffalo gives less milk due to the chemical pollution, they grow weak and skinny. The animals like cattle, buffalos, dogs, and pigs  bathe in the poisoned water and resulting in sickness. The causes of water pollution are industrial waste, oil leaks from ships, eutrophication, and many other reasons. The  pollution of river Musi is mainly caused by industries like pharmaceuticals and bulk drug companies, which are common around Hyderabad. 

I'm striving towards attracting the attention of the government organisations that are made to clean the river, like the Central Pollution Board, National River Conservation Plan, and Musi Riverfront Development Corporation, so they can take action and fix this issue. 


28 have signed. Let’s get to 50!