Toilet tank can save million liters of Water - A signature will help our future generation

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Dear Fellow Human Beings,

Our country is gradually falling into the clutches of drought and this has not even spared the metropolitan cities in India.

Whenever we use toilet we either urinate or defecate, and the water we discharge by default is a minimum of 5 litres in one use. Flushing urine requires lesser than 1 litre, but we have been wasting thousands of gallons due to unavailability of a separate Urine/Defecate Flush handle in our traditional Toilet Tanks. 

I want your support to request a manufacturing standard requiring all toilet tank manufacturing companies compulsorily produce tanks with 2 separate and dedicated handles.

Basically, a toilet tank fitted with a small and large handle to release water for flushing urine or faeces respectively.

The Ministry of Environment & Forests, Government of India can enforce this manufacturing Industry's conformity.

Please sign the petition to make our current as well future generations water rich