Air & Water pollution due to River Vrishbhavathi ( Kengeri mori) Effecting Food and water.

Air & Water pollution due to River Vrishbhavathi ( Kengeri mori) Effecting Food and water.

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siddanagouda Neelagiri started this petition to Central Pollution Control Board, Karnataka (NisargaBhavan, Thimmaiah Road, 7th D Main Rd, Shivanagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560079) and

Respected Sir/Madam,
Reference: Article in Times of India, Bangalore edition dated 30-Nov-2018.
This is with reference an article published in Times of India Newspaper dated 30-Nov-2018 with the caption “17 polluted rivers: State to make them fit for bathing”. In this article 17 rivers are listed which will be taken up for rejuvenation and make them fit for bathing as per the Karnataka Government “River rejuvenation committee” in accordance with the directions from NGT.
It is unfortunate that in the list of 17 rivers, one of the river “Vrishabhavathi” (a tributary of river Arkavathi ) which flows inside the city of Bangalore for a stretch of about 50 kms before joining Arkavathi has been excluded from the list. This river which flows inside the city is highly polluted and is an easy prey to sewage and industrial waste being let in or dumped into this river. This is causing a serious health hazard to lakhs of civilians who are residing in the vicinity of this river which has eventually turned into a storm water drain.
We the residents who are living nearby to Vrishbavathi are greatly affected by this polluted water and hence we earnestly request the NGT, the CPCB and the Karnataka rejuvenation committee to include this river into the rejuvenation list along with the other 17 rivers.
We have already submitted memorandums to rejuvenate this river to Ministry of Environment and Forest, Karnataka State Pollution Control Board and Prime Minister Office. But so far no action has been taken to rejuvenate this river. Please find below the content of the earlier memorandum.
We are the residents of Provident Sunworth Apartments, Rays of Dawn and Good Earth, Venkatapura, Mysore Road, Kengeri Hobli, Bangalore South, Karnataka, Pin:560060. The residents of these apartment complexes comprising of about 4000 flats are grappled with an undesirable bouts of highly repulsive and toxic stink emanating from the Vrishabhavathi River. It is extremely hard to bear the unabated sewage stench and brooding air coming out of this part of the river. This was a pristine river in the past.
We would like to highlight our plight through some of the points stated below:
1. This river water (Vrishabhavathi valley) is carrying a mixture of domestic sewage and industrial effluents which is throwing spells of unendurable odor. It is also giving rise to breeding of mosquitoes and thereby allowing the sewage, toxic chemicals and silt to settle down which in turn is emanating foul and unbearable stink. This is causing serious health hazards to the residents living in these apartments especially children and old people. There have been cases of people falling sick with a constant and definite pattern of symptoms related to diseases like Malaria, Dengue, Chicken gunea, Skin allergies etc. Our fear is that the harmful chemicals and toxins in the air could even lead to dreadful diseases like Cancer in the long run.
Because the ground water contamination is looming large, we are sure that the water from our bore wells too will get contaminated soon.
2. We will probably see more and more people living in this area in the days to come with more apartments and gated communities coming up. Because of this polluted river stream, people in the nearby villages are also adversely affected in view of the air and ground water pollution. Needless to say, that the crops in the nearby villages are adulterated with harmful chemicals of the ground water and the vegetables grown with the polluted water which are supplied to urban population.
In this regard we earnestly request your kind intervention in the matter to get back this river into its old pristine state and save this river before it turns into a gutter. We request you kindly to direct the concerned authorities of the government of Karnataka to take this matter on a serious note and make our living peaceful.
Kindly acknowledge the receipt of this memorandum with your response to the below mentioned addresses.
Thanking you,
Yours sincerely,

Installing appropriate STP for all waste water which is coming to River and strict vigilance on dumping waste to river from apartment owners and residents, Stop All Industrial waste flowing to river Vrishabhavathi, Stop All illegal chemical companys near the river shift them to Industrial area.

Personal story
We have taken possession in April 2018 from that day my 8 year son is having breathing problem due to virshbhavathi river smell which only comes between 4 pm to 8 pm, all kids play near that area at the same time risking this polluted air, BWSSB in Kengeri also not showing any interest to stop this smell?

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