Conduct a study on sound pollution by DJs & Loudspeakers : Revise and Implement rules

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       Over the last five years I have seen a great increase in use of DJs, Loudspeakers and hi tech devices creating unbearable volumes of sound in Public places and social Localities for personal and religious reasons. It includes Birthdays, weddings, festivals, art craft fairs and religious activities.

        Few days back a party was hosted in our housing complex by college students playing music at unbearably high volume till the midnight. When requested to stop they started to abuse using bad words. We had no choice but to call the police. The reason they gave was if other people take such liberty, why shouldn't we? I found this reason more disturbing than the incident.On 2nd and 7th of March during Holi and Rang Panchami, lot of sound pollution was created the whole day and night violating the laws for permissible sound with reference to place, time and measure. Besides very few who played and enjoyed it , others were unable to do any kind of work, rest or sleep. This kind of sound pollution has become quite common no matter what the excuse. I have seen women with few months old babies dancing / walking in wedding processions with high sound of DJs. They are not aware of harms they are causing to their child and themselves. Such sounds can cause partial hearing loss, tension, blood pressure and even heart attack. Birds breeding and animals mating process are affected. It gives poor quality of crops in otherwise favorable atmosphere. Students face lack of concentration while studying and adults in doing any intellectual or productive work. Sick people feel harassment and torture. Research shows that sound played above 85decibels is harmful for human ears but 90 decibels is allowed for eight hours and 93db for four hours. We do not have exact idea how much this is affecting us . This is one kind of pollution we are least  bothered about. We must understand the dangers we are facing to take actions against them. 

     Please join me to ask the pollution control board and Ministry  of environment, Forest & climate change to hold complete study on sound pollution caused by DJs, Loudspeakers and hi tech devices during different celebrations in the region . Also I  request to revise and implement the rules accordingly.