Release The Funds, Resurface The Skate Circle in 2021

Release The Funds, Resurface The Skate Circle in 2021

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Anthony Donoghue started this petition to The City and Central Park Conservancy

On a fateful summer’s day in 1977, Wayne, a teenager on roller skates, found himself in a paved, oval shaped area in Central Park. He decided this was a perfect place to skate, and so The Central Park Skate Circle and a new community of New Yorkers were born. Little did Wayne know that his Skate Circle would welcome the likes of Aretha Franklin, Madonna, Wesley Snipes, Keanu Reeves and Jerry Seinfeld. It became so popular so quickly, “Good Skates” opened at the top of the hill (Le Pain Quotidian location) in 1978 renting skates with a small rink plus music.

In the 80s, The Skate Circle was filled with skaters dancing to the popular dance tunes of the day blasting  from their boom boxes. The adjacent hillside was filled with New Yorkers and tourists enjoying the spectacle and dancing along. Over the subsequent years, The Skate Circle became a vibrant, diverse and fun-loving community beloved by many. Ask anyone, there is no pretense. Skate, dance, enjoy life. 

In 1995, the newly elected Giuliani Administration waged a campaign to chase the skaters out of the  park. In response, a group of skaters organized the Central Park Dancing Skaters Association (CPDSA). The Giuliani Administration met with the CPDSA representatives and recognized the value that The Skate Circle and organization brought to the Park and granted the CPDSA the right to obtain all the requisite permits needed to legally hold skating events. Ever since, the CPDSA has been organizing (free) skating events in The Skate Circle.

Present Day
The Central Park Skate Circle is one of the very few “true NYC experience” left in the city, tourists from all over the globe have it on their must-visit-list, when in NYC!!

COVID-19 has pushed to the forefront outdoor activities and roller skating in particular. This rebirth is bringing out new skaters and many old skaters back to skating again. Our skaters will tell you how good skating has been for their mind, body and soul, exactly what the doctor has ordered as we emerge from and continue to push through such difficult times.  

Unfortunately, the resurgence has coincided with The Skate Circle in need of repair. The Skate Circle has not been resurfaced in over 26 years!!

Fortunately, in early 2020, The City allocated $80,000 in funds for the resurfacing of The Skate Circle. Though The City allocated the money, the Central Park Conservancy (who manages Central Park under a contract with the City of New York and NYC Parks) makes the final decision as to when the work gets done. The Conservancy has said they are working through city contracts for city funded projects. They say there is a backlog due to the pandemic, so they are unable to give an estimate of when the project will be scheduled!

The Skate Circle is a vibrant community of skaters and spectators coming together to listen to music, skate, dance and have fun. A “true democracy where people of all ages, races, and classes are bonded together by the love of Skating”, to quote a tourist’s  response to experiencing The Skate Circle.

Wayne is still there every weekend (on occasion bringing cheesecake  and a balloon for a new skater’s birthday), trying to keep this wonderful community of New Yorkers alive. The Skate Circle is Wayne's World, a world he has loved and shared with the people for over 44 years. 

The Future
With support from the city and park, The Skate Circle could come to symbolize the revival of the great  city of New York and even the US itself. There is no better place for this revival to begin. 

Come and experience this very special place in the heart of Central Park NYC. Please sign (no donations necessary) and share this petition so together we can make it happen!

This petition was written by Anthony Donoghue, Mark Broomer and Sal Rentas for and on behalf of the skaters, the spectators, and The Skate Circle. It has been endorsed by the CPDSA.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!
At 1,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!