Remove the Central Nebraska Humane Society Board Executive Committee members.

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On October 18th, 2018 information was leaked by Central Nebraska Humane Society staff member Nicholas Vogel, that CNHS Board President Jill Hornady, along with the additional members of the Executive Committee, Vice President Mike Peterson, Treasurer Tammy Allen, and Secretary Tracy Bicknase had implemented a new policy, turning CNHS into a high volume "kill shelter", and beginning steps to euthanize healthy dogs to make space, and to eliminate any dog that barks, jumps, or shows any type of "aggression" when their kennel is approached.

Mrs. Hornady along with other Executive Committee members immediately attempted to cover up this information, showing a distinct and drastic lack of integrity on their behalf. The information was confirmed on October 19th, when an email from Board President Jill Hornady to Acting CNHS Director Rose Ausmus was leaked to the public. In this e-mail, Jill Hornady spells out her plan to begin implementing this new euthanization program, ending the letter with the statement "The shelter is not the same as a home. Humane, compassionate euthanasia is sometimes the last of kindness we can do for an animal. I will expect this process to happen smoothly, intelligently and compassionately - especially by the entire Med Staff."

Faced with the fact that her plans had been discovered, Mrs. Hornady immediately fired Nicholas Vogel, who has been an incredibly hard-working, dedicated member of staff, responsible for the care, rehabilitation, and adoptions of hundreds of dogs over the years. Mrs. Hornady and Mrs. Allen also began lashing out at employees, volunteers, and citizens. This includes their threatening of Acting CNHS Director Rose Ausmus's job, when she spoke with members of the public, as well as having their attorney send "Cease and Desist" letters to various volunteers and members of the public who chose to speak up for the animals against Jill and Tammy's master plan. What was truly sick about this, is the fact that Mrs. Hornady and Mrs. Allen also had these letters sent to employers of individuals who spoke out against them, in an attempt to cost the jobs of citizens, who just want to see animals live and have a fair chance. These are not the actions of caring people, but a demonstration of ego driven people, who have no business deciding the fate of animals.

The Executive Committee continues to lie to the public about its plans, attempting to cite "Capacity for Care" as it's reasoning for killing healthy, loving animals. Unbeknownst to many though, "Capacity for Care" has no mention of euthanizing or killing animals in any way. They are guidelines for humanely housing and caring for animals, as well as options for alternative housing and placement. These options have not only not been looked into by Mrs. Hornady, but have been blatantly disregarded by the Executive Committee when staff has requested they be considered. For example, in the first three days after the public leaned of Mrs. Hornady's intentions of killing healthy animals, 11 dogs were removed from CNHS by local dog rescues and caring citizens, and placed into safe care, saving the lives of each of these dogs. An option that Mrs. Hornady refused to even consider.

All shelters have periods of influx. These periods can usually be accommodated by utilizing outside resources, rescues, fosters, etc. and by expanding the use of advertising i.e. social media, to further spread awareness of adoptable dogs, as well as foster/shelter donation needs. These should be the first considerations made by board members of any animal shelter when numbers rise. Unfortunately, Jill Hornady, Mike Peterson, Tammy Allen, and Tracy Bicknase have made the rash decision to begin killing heathy, happy animals, primarily due to an inability to function in their positions, a lack of understanding as to outside resources, and sadly, egos that do not allow them to admit that they are wrong, and to ask for help. These are not the people that animals who have already been through enough need or deserve. These animals need someone with the right experience, knowledge, and compassion to give them their best chances, and to find them loving forever homes. The current Executive Committee members do not possess these skills and characteristics, and need to be removed immediately.

The CNHS Board requires a 2/3 vote to remove a member. Please join us in signing this petition, and pressuring the rest of the CNHS Board to remove the true problems before November 12th, when the Executive Committee puts their plans into action and the killing of innocent dogs begins!!