Make CBI probe on mysterious death of Tabrez Alam.

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Tabrez Alam : A 19 year old , full of life, ambitious boy, preparing for NEET, mysteriously dies. People claim it's accidental death caused by overdose of alcohol. His friends' deny the claim and said that he doesn't drink alcohol since it is 'haram'. Also, There's no official statement of his death till now. Why no action has being taken place and why is the people questioning the Friends's intentions of killing him.

Lot of unexplained questions on Tabrez's death. As a friend all these has to be answered 

1. What was the actual medical condition of the him?

2. Why was he not allowed to be visited by anyone?

3. Why was not a single photo or audio clip was released when he was in hospital?

4. Why no one from hospital informed his relatives or friends?

So we request you to make probe on his mysterious death and give justice to him and his fellow friends.