Electrical technology students should be-able to pursue an ATS.

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Education plays a major role in finding a job in today's society. The higher level of education achieved, the more credibility and trust the employer will have in you. Education levels provide employers with the ability to separate job candidates fit for the occupation. A goal of every college is to give their students the abilities needed to succeed and keep up with employer’s educational requirements. Central Louisiana Technical Community College (CLTCC) should obtain an associate degree curriculum in the electrician technology program to increase student’s job outlook, improve job wages, and optimally boost the college's agenda.

There isn’t a college in Central Louisiana that provides students with the ability to pursue an associate degree in electrical technology. CLTCC is the only college that already has a curriculum and the resources to create such a program. I have taken it upon myself to create a petition that consist of teachers, students, and recent graduate’s signatures. These are people who recognize the growing competitiveness of education requirements in the job world.

Maquiz Romer is a graduate of the electrician program and a petition signer. He currently works as a production technician for a company known as Plastipak Packaging. We briefly spoke about his job outlook and if an associate degree would benefit him.  According to Romer, “Job outlook with the technical diploma is not bad and there are jobs available, but it is decreasing. An associate degree would benefit me because I would learn more and allows [sic] me to continue education at a 4 year college, it proves to earn a higher salary pay, and could possibly make me eligible for a professional license.” I agree with Mr. Romer that it would provide more options and higher salaries for our electrical graduates. In May 2013, postsecondary non-degree awarded median salary was $35,120 and associate degree awarded median salary was $58,240. That is over a $20,000 gap between these two education levels awarded.  A study done by Elka Torpey and Audrey Watson in the state of Louisiana shows that just a high school diploma is worth more than a technical diploma in 39 occupations by $460 difference in median salary.

Central Louisiana Technical Community College should take this information I will provide to them in act upon it. I will deliver this essay, and the petition to the Board of Directors. Since CLTCC’s resources already favor an associate degree, all that would need to be done is simply add first year general education curriculum and combine it with the electrician technology curriculum. After the creation of this new program it should be submitted to the Commission on Occupational Education (COE) for review.

Overall both parties will benefit from this newly established program. Central Louisiana Technical Community College will have more students enrolled in there general education courses. Also the college vision to produce knowledgeable, skilled, and confident citizens to contribute to the sustainability of the local, state, and national economy through effective academic and technical education skills will thrive. Students will have a wide variety of job options, higher salaries, and the ability to continue their education at other universities. This would allow CLTCC and their students to keep up with today's evolving job requirements.



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