For CJCP to provide remote learning for students in quarantine.

For CJCP to provide remote learning for students in quarantine.

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Started by Natalia Voicu

Dear Mr. Murphy and Administration of CJCP:

We, the parents of students at CJCP, understand that the times are hard and COVID19 is affecting many of the people in our community daily and difficult decisions need to be made. Nevertheless, our students are suffering greatly. Currently, many students at CJCP, from various classes, are asked to quarantine at home for 14 days due to exposure on various school buses. This is now putting many children at a huge educational disadvantage because there is no virtual learning option for them whatsoever. For my daughter, this is the third time this happened since September. She is constantly missing out on instruction and her grades are suffering. 

New guidelines that are given to us are that if a student is vaccinated, the student is safe to return to school. If the student is not vaccinated and tests negative for COVID, they are still not allowed to return to school. CDC states the following: "since vaccines are not 100% effective at preventing infection, some people who are fully vaccinated will still get COVID-19."  Then, why are students that are vaccinated are not required to take a test in order to return to school, while students that test negative, still not allowed to get their education? It is starting to feel that parents that chose to wait to vaccinate their kids are forced to do so, or their kids will be denied education. 

We, the parents of the students at CJCP, ask you, the administration, to consider all the students and their right to receive instruction. We would like students to be able to log into zoom video calls or google meet in order to listen in on the lessons during their time under quarantine so that they do not miss out on important lessons. Please do better, our kids at home under quarantine matter, their education matters, and they have the right to be part of the learning process. 

Please consider that not all parents work from home, not all parents have the ability not to work, and not all parents are educators and have the ability and understanding to tutor their kids. We need our kids to have the ability to learn. As the COVID is here to stay, better solutions need to be made for all of our kids to receive a quality education. 

We, the parents of the students at CJCP, urge the administration, to allow schools a remote learning option together with traditional learning, so that all the students could receive a quality education. 


Concerned Parents 

183 have signed. Let’s get to 200!