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Two years ago, a group of young people in Emerald were empowered to take charge of the improvement of their community. They formed a group, called themselves "Varial Emerald", and decided to focus their energy on improving the local skate park. What they have started has come a long way: with the support of countless members of the local community, local organisations and Council they believe that today, a significant positive shift has occurred in the way people view and treat the skate park. They have also successfully worked with Council to build a new water fountain at the park. Skateboarding workshops now run monthly thanks to the generosity of some older local skaters, under the name of "Emerald Skate Mates", and fundraisers are regularly held for improvements to the park. While all of these things have signalled the beginning of a shift in the culture around the skate park, we believe more is yet to be done.

About a year ago, the work Varial Emerald started, grew into a more formal organisation called the "Rural Skate Park Development Initiative Inc." (RSPDI) in order to formalise the work being done to improve the skate park socially and physically. The vision of RSPDI was to start in Emerald and eventually grow to support other rural or regional communities around Queensland and Australia with the development of their skate parks.  With the support of local Council much has been achieved, and we are at a point right now where we can build off of this success and push forward to building some really great facilities for the community around the Emerald skate park. 

Last week RSPDI won an Australia Day award for the work we've been doing! On 11 February 2019, RSPDI will be presenting a proposal to the Central Highlands Regional Council for upgrades to the skate park including: a concrete extension, BBQ facilities, tables/benches, shade, gardens, as well as a possible playground and basketball half court. All of these changes we believe will beautify the skate park, and make it a much more engaging space for families, children, youth and adults.  We will also be sharing in our proposal about the current research into the social benefit of skate parks.

We really appreciate the support the community has shown so far to this ongoing project, we have come a long way thanks to each of you!  We would like to see this petition to grow in the number of signatories to show that there is broad community support for serious money to be invested from the Council and other donations into the infrastructure upgrades to the skate park in Emerald. 

RSPDI truly believes that this project will go along way to alleviate the suffering that many youth in the Central Highlands are currently facing, by giving them a really beautiful and engaging space that will give them a safe arena to be active and strengthen genuine and positive relationships with other young people in the community.

Thank you for your support!!

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