We want Gorkhaland .Gorkhaland is only the ultimate solution of Indian gorkhas.

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Indian Gorkhas despite being sincere and loyal to the country are being treated worst in the state of west bengal.

The aspiration of Indian Gorkhas is to have their own state Gorkhaland for their overall development.At present Darjeeling is burning.

State government and police are going the lowest level to suppress their long pending demand.Conspiracy has been hatched to prove Gorkhas as peace breaking community.

We seriously want central government to intervene and full the aspirations of Gorkhas.

As our prime minister in his speech once said.."Gorkhas dream is my dream".Now time has come for Mr.Prime minister to fullfill the dreams of Indian Gorkhas.Gorkhas have dream none other than Gorkhaland.

We want Gorkhalandhttps://www.facebook.com/indiangorkhaz/